1. Hemphash and Uncleherb are my go to atm, Hemph for the cheap strains like their Banana smash they have atm which is only £6 a gram and Uncleherb for the heavy hitters like Brucebanner, they do quite a few 20% strains on there nowadays including holygrail at 22% which i can't wait to try when its back in stock. Its hard to keep up with the amount of strains coming out so these review are much appreciated.

  2. Please can you add score results to your reviews for the ash test in a joint 10 being white and 0 being black it would be very helpful also like how tumour mentioned this strain stayed lit as to me that important too. Keep up the good work

  3. Awesome video dude!
    I still don't trust importing for this store. Plus. The prices aren't amazingly better than what is available in the UK. 😛
    Good to see you back though 😛

    If you haven't tried it yet. I would recommend the new "Banana Smash!" from Hemphash. Super tasty and only £6.15 a gram! 😀

  4. Be careful Just had 20g Seized by UPS ordered yesterday got a message today saying it breaks UPS terms and conditions!!!!!!! TREAD CAREFULLY… my first order was no issue but for some reason, this one screwed… WAITING FOR REPLY FROM JustBob NOW will let you know what they do!

  5. Yes man 👍 good to have you back, also if you’re looking for good pain relief, look for a CBD flower that has high levels of the CBDA – Cannabidiol acid, that’s what helps with pains

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