1. One time I went on a date with a guy who was so handsome but so short and I had to sit down as quickly as possible so it wouldn't feel awkward and the date went pretty well, but the moment we sat up again… Ffffffff

  2. i FELT the height part, as a tall sis i always get that feeling about being taller than a guy and feeling like his older sister 💀 tall guys for tall girls everyone take note

  3. Wow that was super deep!

    I'm not surprised guys are disturbed on dates, because you're so exceptional. This said, For at least 2 of these guys (not counting the short guy), this goes beyond that, one was like an autist almost, and the first one, he could not handle the thought of the age difference, it broke the whole thing for him.
    Me I like age difference, girls even 35 years younger than me are so attractive, I guess I like age 17-25 more than all the other ages. So the ridiculously small age difference that turned him upside down, it makes me smile a bit.

  4. “Don’t understand how u hate someone and become best friends cussa vibe is felt in 2 secs” I totally thought the same thing but there was this guy I hated that was literally a piece of shit tryna get with one of my best friends, and so he would like deliberately try to escort her to her next class and shit and just take her away from me basically lolll but legit like a yr later after we grew up a little the guy and I started talking and now he’s off to college but we still call and catch-up and we real tight. Like as friends yanno. It’s the whole, “you learn more from the ppl u hate/disagree with” kinda thing. Applies to friendship too booboo<3

  5. I’m 5’4 and (literally by coincidence) every guy I’ve ever dated has been like, 6’2 or above 😂 my friend is 6’2 and she’s always like BITCHHHHH, save the tall guys for us tall girls 😂 …. but you like what you like, and I like tall guys 😬 haha

  6. this is so weird I'm high as fuck and I feel like I've seen this entire video (like ex!act!ly!… Same stories, word choice even camera angle and outfit) before.

  7. Interesting… I thought you had a date with a guy that passed gas during the date. LoL ☺️ Love you honey. ☺️👍👍❤️💓💜😍😚😘 Good to know about the height thing…. I'm 5'5" but if I wear stilts I could be taller. LoL

  8. I’m 5’10 I can relateeee. Once I went on a date with a short guy (he was like 5’7) and I thought it was fine and then at the end of the date he was like so what’s the shortest guy you’ve ever talked to and I started hysterically laughing. Like imagine keeping a log of all the guys you’ve ever dated heights 🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. I feel you girl I’m 5’8 5’9 too haha and it’s def a struggle. I agree that shorter girls need to leave the taller ones for us 🙌🏽 like they’re chillin 😂😂

  10. tbh i'm so over guys thinking girls are so shallow for having height preferences as if they themselves don't.. like the amount of dudes who say they prefer short girls but are SO QUICK to come for girls who say they prefer tall boys? we all a little shallow who cares lol

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