Need help spotting fake dab carts? Go to your local dispensary for your Kingpen, Bass Knuckles, Dank Vapes, and Exotic carts for all your legit authentic dab …


  1. Whoa! Turns out that the cartridges with a bubble that doesn't move are the fake and deadly ones! These are the ones that are using Vitamin E acetate as an oil thickener, which is what makes the bubble stay fixed. Vitamin E acetate is the main culprit in all the deaths and injuries reported since the beginning of 2019.

  2. What up KL? I couldn't agree more. I know a guy who buys them off the internet, and I tried em. The sour diesel, tasted like the original, I got high. But there are alot of fakes and people that have no conscious about whether or not it kills you. Those people in the hospital…I'm convinced it was from vape pens that had "THC" in them. There was a girl on weedtube bragging she bought weed on the internet. That's a great way to end up in Federal Prison. WAKE UP PEOPLE… GROW YOUR OWN!!! Peace my dude ✌ ✌

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