1. Heck ya Growmie got the sf4000👌🏻
    I’ve been using mine for 3 months now and it’s a beast. Couldn’t be happier myself…works really well in flower too. If your growing a dense genetic your gonna get dense Nuggs using this light. Beautiful garden brother 🌱Happy growing✌🏻💨

  2. 4:26 "you just gotta dip the cat in 7 dust once in a while" LOL. Awesome videos. Trying to make all my noob mistakes on a current clone start grow. Loving the SF2000 by Spider Farmer

  3. where I am the RH has not dropped below 83 the last few weeks, im still in early veg so its no problem (& wont be as ive plenty to deal with it) but my SF4000 the girls loooooooove, in fact ive had to put a smaller ex fan on to keep temps up as my speed controller is old and makes the fan buzz when using the 340 cfm out and 220 in, so ive simply removed the 340 (out fan) & im using the 220 cfm fan that was my intake on my carbon filter with a duct reducer and now have a passive intake, the light is amazing though, wish I had more room lol, Your girls are looking great though I must say….keep it green Main420

  4. Always watch grow vid to the end like u said made the time to make them I take the time to watch them I love to grow this plant to its amazing how much it help u along the way to the end

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