Sen. Booker Says Marijuana Is Already Legal for 'Privileged People'

Nov.21 — Senator Cory Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey, and Vice President Joe Biden, debate the legalization of marijuana. They speak at the fifth …


  1. Good grief,… So it's all political?…. Clowns can't decide what's legal one minute to the next…. Nothing to do with morality,… Just up for sale for votes…. Mushrooms?.. uh I'm ok…. Vote for me and uh…Ill legalize mushrooms,… Cuz uh…I care about you .. dumbasses… No morals

  2. joe biden he is acting like he to old because you know shit about to hit the fan for him, sound like joe biden dont know what to say or dont know what to stand for because he trying to not be the dems leader he like to but he knows shit will hit the fan, booker said it right, joe sounds like he need the money.

  3. Omg 😂 do people actually believe there are people in American jails for SMOKING marijuana?? I'd love to see actual statistics on how many are in jail for SMOKING and not selling marijuana..

  4. Who are the privileged people, Booker??
    The wealthy? Yes.
    Anyone else? I'm laughing in 6294710 haha.
    For anyone who doesn't get that, it's my felon number given to me in prison for WEED
    Piss off

  5. Ridiculous. What privileged people? Weed smoking hippies get what's coming to them, brain damage. The same fools that argued Juul was safe. Anyone with half a brain knew they weren't.

  6. I guess Booker hasn’t been paying attention. Has he ever surfed around the internet? Facebook? Periscope? Snap Chat? You tube? How about inner city and now suburbs? He says privileged people are the ones smoking pot and getting away from it? Hahaha, what a red herring.

  7. Biden, we don't need another study on Marijuana. We already know the long term effects. If you smoke it then you lose short term memory cells and eventually get lung cancer. Duh?! We were smoking weed long before it was called medicine. The whole Medicinal Cannibus campaign was a fraud to help Doctors make money on Prescriptions. There's so much marijuana in California that you can come to San Francisco and find almost the same amount of half smoked joints on the ground as discarded cigarettes. The streets of SF smell like a skunk and feces and meth everyday. It's not a privilege, it's free and legal. For now everyone has a job but productivity is down because we're high all the time. We're more lethargic and over weight.

  8. Well that's terrific you want the black community to support you okay fair enough. You can have them I don't think white people should support any candidate that goes for the black vote.

  9. I just don't say my piece here you know something the left which is primarily made up of homosexuals Mark is black sandal Eagles I just as got to push it went okay you wanted it this way you got it this way you wanted to draw the line drawn the line you're not going to like how that pans out.

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