Sea Of Green Grow Journal Day 63

Harvest is getting close! A few more days away. All plants were cloned and flipped with no veg time and grown under HLG quantum boards. THANKS FOR …


  1. Hey bubba looking thru ur older vids and i was wondering if you got that tri meter back there for ur ph ec and ppm from amazon? Also what brand is it and is it dependable? I like the bluelab gaurdian but damn its expensive

  2. I love it. I watched from the start and am glad to see you pull off such a nice s.o.g. please post a vid with the harvest yeild and such that way we can all see the results. Thnx again 420 grower. And yes im staying GREEN😊😊

  3. Plants looking really tasty. Looks like a connoisseur grow for sure. Sorry about that mom but I know shit happens and by the way , I can't count either but I do know how to measure yields and yours are looking really nice using the sea of green. 👍 Peace, love, and Herb and congrats on a successful harvest 👍👏

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