Running a Regenerative Cannabis Farm – Greensource Gardens | Living Soils Symposium 2017

Greensource Gardens is an OLCC licensed producer in Oregon that cultivates cannabis using regenerative practices. …


  1. Thanks to you both for this inspiring presentation, so spiritual, so dedicated to caring for the earth and regenerating her…
    It takes a lot of work but your land will thank you and repay you with steady harvests.
    As Nicholas said, all this work is building resilience into the soil and resilience is security for the future.
    Saw the pictures of the garden, the plants look really amazing.
    Blessings 🙂

  2. There is an aspect of the system presented here which is so brilliant, but that really comes down to being willing to get dirty and do hard work and to keep doing it, and doing it slowly, and paying attention. One of the reasons we have all these systems in place that are sick, disharmonious, destructive to nature, or whatever you want to call it, is that people are too often trying to find shortcuts around hard work and getting dirty. We have gotten into this bad habit of wanting a clean, simple, fast solution…a way around the dirty work, that we can just throw a little paper money at, or swipe a card and make the hard work go away. The problem is that we are failing to recognize that such solutions become their own type of hard work, except that the kind of hard work that they become is not life affirming, and creates stress, unhappiness, sickness. So even if the "quick easy" solutions work for the very specific problem that is being addressed, which they often don't very well, we inevitably end up with a tangled mess of new problems and life disharmony on a grander scheme. So my 2cent addition to this video is get dirty, do hard work, keep doing it, and care about your life work, keep paying attention to it. Love you Nick and Liz.

  3. 57min in talking about microbiology is spot on, amazing presentation all around. Years of study and hands on work distilled into an hour and a half. I'm gonna watch this again and take notes when the time comes for my own farm <3

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