Rugby Player Reacts to KYLE TURLEY Using Weed To Save Football VICE SPORTS Chasing Strains!

Sup everyone and welcome back to another video! In this video I take a look at the story of KYLE TURLEY as told by VICE SPORTS. Kyle Turley takes us on his …


  1. When he ripped dudes helmet off and threw it and then gave the referee the old Italian salute…top 5 greatest moments in Saints history

  2. Correct me if I've got the wrong player, but the reports I heard was that he'd rather smoke weed than play football — not for health reasons, but he'd just rather get high. Not arguing your thesis, but if so, this guy might not be the best poster boy for the cause.

  3. There is truth in the statement that so many strains have been hybridized that their effects intertwine, but there are definitely still some pure strains out there, and there are definitely still some strains that are better for pain, better for sleep, better for getting focused, or what have you, than other strains are. I live in the US, in a state where recreational weed is legal. I have experimented with at least a few dozen strains over the last 4 years or so. Their effects definitely differ greatly.

    Some make you focused and relaxed, some make you energized and happy but anxious with racing thoughts.

    Some strains make you relaxed and stoned and happy and feeling great, whereas other strains basically put you right to sleep.

    Its so important to be able to get your weed legally, so you know you can know what strain it really is, what the THC content is, and you can talk to the budtender behind the counter about which strain is right for you.

    Also, my brother died from an opiod OD, and my dad’s alcoholism and depression drove him to suicide. Neither one smoked weed. Maybe if they smoked weed they would at least still be alive to fight their demons and get clean, instead of their substances of choice ruining their lives.

  4. this is why it hurts me to watch nfl in the same way i once did, i used to want to see people get hit but now that im persuing degree in neuroscience it hurt me too much to watch people get voluntary dementia. shit is so cringe. but theirs nothing we can do fr

  5. Kyle Turley was an absolute beast when he played and he gave it his all, but he had the misfortune of being part of the last generation of players to ignore their health and have this attitude be encouraged by the league, sad to see what these guys are dealing with

  6. Watch more of the vice sports nfl painkiller video series. It's not all about cte but just using serious big pharma drugs just to be able to play on sunday and the consequences afterwards

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