RSO VS Distillate /Review #Trulieve #MedicalMarijuana

Let’s go over the RSO I picked up from Trulieve which was an Indica from 9 pound hammer and as always use code Meechie69 at Newvape and save 5% link …


  1. so whats the high scale comparison to like trulieves other syringes thats non RSO like would u say the RSO is way more stronger n more bang for ur buck compared to a regular syringe?!

  2. I’m as newbie and attempted to make cannabutter from 1g of distillate to 1 lb of butter. How butter should I have used for higher potency edibles. I tried using calculator but I’m confused lol

  3. I used to make my own RSO 30 years ago before Rick Simpson trademark the name. Take everclear grain alcohol 190 proof, put it in a mason jar with flower and mash it up. Wait a day then strain it through cheesecloth. You can let it evaporate naturally in the dark or put it in the microwave at 10 seconds at a time. What you're left with is black oil.

  4. Just tried birds of paradise RSO from Grow Healthy. It’s a sativa but it felt like a VERY trippy hybrid. It’s awesome for pain. I like distillate/RSO for when my throat is sore from vaping flower. I’ll have to try Trulieve RSO soon.

    Is the flowerpot relatively easy on your throat? So close to buying one. Love your videos btw. 😋

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