Removing The Lower Leaves On My Cannabis Plants

The bottoms of my 4 cannabis plants need to be cleaned up to improve airflow and to remove the vegetation that doesn’t receive sufficient light. This technique is …


  1. Personally i only lightly remove leaves nothing like some do, one branch though i will not touch AT ALL, my reasons are one dont affect airflow enough ok i get a lil bit of LARF but i can spot a plant deficiency sooner than stripping it all bare as most plant deficiencies show from the bottom upwards, also some nutrients are mobile in a plant so if i remove it all where can the plant take it from ?
    It cant so i remove some but one branch on every plant i dont touch AT ALL, i believe its finding the right balance, too many people do shit cos they see people who get results do it, they say its to improve airflow yet they have one small fan lol, the amount of people that see then do without knowing why or they see it then repeat it as fact ( example… someone let hes plants almost die from lack of water ( i shit you not) saying the plants become stronger for it bla bla bla, they dont realise they would look good after seeing them bone dry & wilting not to mention killing off anything good in your soil…. i then see 2 others repeating the same thing as it had become a proven fact lol. I know this much ?.. you gotta love youtube 😅😂

  2. I didnt train the autos this time or leaf strip. Most my lower stuff fell on own, not sure if canabalism or lack of air flow/light but it was interesting to see happen slowly, and kinda scary lol.

  3. Damm grammy plants looking awsome !! I'm about 1 week away from harvesting my northrenlights autoflower from seedsman turning out really nice. Started some photoperiod feminized wedding cake and greendimond and another northren autoflower, hopefully they look as good as yours!! Love the content keep it up 👍

  4. Yeeaahhh Brother !! 😎🤙🏼 Garden is lookin Awesome !! 💪🏼🌿 Much Love & Big Respect Sir !! 👊🏼💚 Slàinte Mhath from Scotland !! ✌🏼🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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