Pros/Cons of CBD & CANNABIS: Inflammation, Estrogen, Liver Damage & More

CBD and #cannabis products are increasing with popularity due to claims of powerful #antiinflammatory, #anticancer and #antianxiety effects. However …


  1. Because of your information, I’m def quitting cold turkey. It’s def true when they say weed makes you feminine. I’ve seen changes in me when I quit. I def look more masculine. I’ve known people who smoke a lot and they don’t look ok. Hypoxic faces, feminine features (I’m not kidding), thin-build.. gg maybe “medical marijuana” is actually making us less masculine. they’re using weed as an agenda.

  2. Kava the pacific root herb is gaining increasing popularity in the U.S too (and all over the western world), it would be wonderful if you could do the same objective review on kava just as you have done in this video!

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