1. Do you think they actually tell these rappers and things like that to name songs a certain name to add up to numbers and stuff? And when you said “In the picture it looks like he just got the news” do you think they actually tell these rappers like that there about to get killed or something like that? Or maybe ok the contract or something because say he didn’t get killed that day and went somewhere instead of being home it would throw everything off wouldn’t it?

  2. I saw khujo goodie from goodie mob talking about the industry. He's not open with it, but he basically referenced the evils in the industry. Most important thing he said, get away from your TV and open up a book sometimes & find out who you are.

    Interesting clip. I think it was B. High TV or something like that.

  3. https://youtu.be/K9F-jhGAYl0. Hey Zach just watched this video!! 50 cent dropped a new song remixed with pop smoke on it and it’s called “many men” like how it was “many men” who came in the house to get him. Also keep in mind they did not do cpr but a video was shown of them doing cpr outside. Just like a true setup / show!! Crazy. Yeah man check this out!!

  4. Wait so pop smoke came out the same day xxx died?  Both from robbery?
    24 days from Kobe death,  with 8 letters in his name

    Juice world,  whitney Houston both from drugs…
    Everyone dies according to how they live via the industry

    Pop smoke looks like 50 cent
    Pop smoke sounds like 50 cent
    Pop smoke has the same birthday as 50 cent
    Pop smoke has the same name as 50 cent?

    50 cent overdue for a sacrifice,  Hollywood star, new show on ABC etc,
    And let's not forget 50 cent told pop smoke to" leave his hood and stop carrying so many guns"
    Pop smoke was in cali off advice from 50, ALSO note that pop smoke was kicking it with French Montana heavy,  50 don't like that at all…50 looking real suspect…

    Notice how sooo many people death are being recorded?  Kennicka Jenkins. Zack tv, nipsey,  Kobe,  pop smoke?
    Everybody just happening to be caught on camera during their dying moments?

  5. Cant remember if this was the video discussing 322 – but Skull N Bones get it from the "Plimpton 322 Babylonian clay tablet" written with knowledge provided by the Apkallu or 7 Sages – Post Flood/Deluge which is a GREAT starting point for further research…

  6. Plz stop profiting off of black people misery…. this isnt no conspiracy this is life. Everyone dies, now please go on and create content that is actually good, instead of bullshit numerology fucking conspiracies.

  7. Getting people to understand that secret societies exist is even hard..let alone all the other blatant acts that go with it. They really believe in their realities that were built for them. They themselves need to learn these secret societies /history/religion /before taking their tv at face value!

  8. Great work Zach, idk if you know but he very recently just dropped a 2nd album called meet the woo 2 which if meet the woo equals 42 then meet the woo 2 should equal 44

  9. Appreciate what you do just found your channel and subscribed to your channel, I'm from the UK and thanks for calling out the Caroline Flack one , UK has been affected with her death, and myself personally due to her suicide but I was starting to think it was a set up and planned, so when I came across your channel.i wasn't surprised it's soo deep and sad , thanks for covering it! Keep up the work 👌!xx

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