Opioids change NY Medical "Cannabis" Program

Regardless of the changes NY makes to its Medical Cannabis program, they still do NOT have Flowers (where the most concentrated medicine is found) or …


  1. I live in Batavia New York. Since they had the opioid crisis I mean Fentanyl I had to quit opioids. Why? Because I smoke marijuana and they won't give you any if you fail the pee test. It's ridiculous they don't give you a pee test to get opioids. I know where that medical marijuana dispensary is right by Eastman theater the trailer park boys were there. Why should we have to pay when we're in pain to get a drug marijuana when we didn't have to pay to get opioids then nearly killed me trying to quit? So I've been buying it on the black market or I couldn't afford the $200 since I'm on a very limited income. Have PTSD had half my foot amputated I have neuropathy. I know I'm eligible but I don't want to go through all that s**. The problem is if I buy a vape on the street I don't know what the f** is in it? I got these things called Mario carts anybody can fill them you don't know where the f*** they came from there could be fentanyl in it I don't know. It supposedly is Indica well it sure makes you tired. Yes it kills pain. I know in Rochester you can get really good weed for $200 an ounce I mean top of the line. And pretty good weed for a hundred. Maybe we should start squeezing our own rosin? Making your own dab pen. At least then we know what's in it maybe? I seriously doubt they will let us grow that's the only way to know what is in it. I used to be a farmer I know I can grow I have grown but it's a felony in New York of course. The dab pens those are felony call a tincture or a hash oil or something. It's f**** ridiculous the way it's going with the New York drug laws for marijuana it's just wrong. It's about the money they don't even care about the quality the quality could be s***. Why doesn't the United States government let us vote? Are they afraid it will go through and it will be federally legal like it Shoulda Been anyway? Our people will move to other states rather than put up with this s***.

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