Onision Admits to Pressuring Kai and Calls Victims "Frauds" – Catching Contradictions and Lies

Onision and Kai’s Grooming Explained for those who need catching up: TIMESTAMPS BELOW. Onision posted 37 videos telling …


  1. In case you don't finish this in one sitting or want to save some for later when you on wine, here are the timestamps:
    0:00 Intro and showing how Onision has NOT "stayed silent”
    2:10 Summarizing his first 12 videos (and how Kai is still in love with Billie)
    10:56 Onision Denies Targeting Vulnerable Girls (despite the evidence his own words contradicting himself)
    13:58 Onision Denies Having Forums Where Underage Girls Submitted Pictures For Him (and I provide receipts proving otherwise including girls he "would date")
    17:45 Onision Admits To Falling In Love With 17 Year Olds
    23:53 Onision Shades Kai and Shows Avoidance To Confront Relationship
    26:32 Onision Talks About Being "Blackmailed" While Admitting To Pressuring Kai To Sleeping In A Threeway With Sarah…
    30:56 Onision Denies Kai Ever Flirting Or Exchanging Photos With Regina …and I bring the receipts to prove him wrong
    40:54 Onision ~The Straightedge~ Confesses to Providing freshly 18 year old Sarah with Alcohol on Christmas …for no reason at all lol
    45:28 Onision randomly talking about putting it in the butt while also claiming to have been r-ped by Sarah
    53:54 Onision doesn't like Chris Hansen's turtleneck :/
    57:13 Onision Calls Regina Ugly and says that's why Kai would never be romantic with them

    P.S. livestream is still on for tomorrow!

  2. We gotta understand that when onision calls his viewers “retarded”, “idiots”, “stupid” etc.. just because they don’t agree with him or support him in every way and or completely blindly adore him and do his every wish, it’s how he treats people in his life just 100 times worse. He literally shows and is the same with his viewers trying to manipulate our minds into thinking we stupid and should listen to him. Just proving everything being brought against him honestly.

  3. 53:54 petty comment but like. if you use 'gay' to describe clothing or 'straight boy' to describe clothing, the clothing will be very different lol. like there's no way both of those insults can apply to the same turtleneck.

  4. 24:44 it could also be like. kai gets mad when oni (shortened for speed) makes vids about him/the situation, but as he's with the kids, he'd only hear (and thus get upset) if the heater's off. With the heater on, kai doesn't know what oni is doing or saying… thoughts?

  5. I love the way he speaks to his "fans", as if they're morons, yet he expects them to give him their money. And it's so clear that he's acting as if he's entitled to other people's money. He's such a lame ass person. A douchebag, if you will.

  6. i had no idea he was a father. my heart sank when you said that. one of my first reactions to him being pro-life was the simple fact that unprotected sex and anti-abortion equals kids aka potential victims for him. damn. made me really sad.

  7. Can we also talk about how hard it is to get a [email protected] kit done? They're performed by specialized nurses, refered as Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner or (SANE). They're forensic nurses, who have received special training to conduct sexual assault evidentiary exams for [email protected] victims. SANE nurses are specially trained in the medical, psychological, and forensic examination of a sexual assault victim.

    And, NOT every hospital has one. For instance, if a person is assaulted and goes to the nearest hospital, they may not employ a SANE nurse. So, if the person wants to have a kit done, especially for prosecution, they may have to travel, sometimes across state lines to have a kit done.
    (NBC Nightly News, just did an excellent story regarding our nation's lack of SANE nurses. The first week of January 2021, for anyone interested).

    The way he makes it sound… like it's SO easy, REALLY pissed me off! He's such a fucking joke. A condescending, hypocritical joke.

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