1. Thank you for these herbs! I love holistic views I’m also an all organic and vegan eater but I’m a cigarette smoker and trying my hardest to stop and I have most of these herbs as essential oils! I want to try smoking these herbs though thanks so much

  2. What can you tell me about smoking close I'm looking for an alternative to smoking cannabis something that's going to relax me. I don't smoke all the time and I do not smoke tobacco at least not regular cigarettes the tobacco is always made me feel nauseous I would love to hear your thoughts thank you so much

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  4. Does herbal smoke can produce the same effects as cannabis? Like hallucinogen type of stuff? Because I'm avoiding any cannabis, tobacco, any hallucinogenic substances, and anything that cana make me drunk and lose my senses.

  5. Searched for the topic – I saw the thumbnail and channel name and went "ah, a witch! perfect!"
    I was looking for non bogus information and am very thankful to you for providing it.

  6. I smoked the greengo Herb mix, its terrible. Even worse than tobacco. Except for the nicotine of course. Dont start smoking herbs! All these stories about lungherb. Bullshit! Yes its healthy if you drink tea from it. Or maybe eat it. But burning it makes it something totally different. Chemistry . First episode of Breaking Bad, Walter White explains chemistry in front of his class. Its about CHANGE! You burn the Herb, it becomes something else! More then 1000 chemicals come out of mullein when its burned!

  7. Ive searched high and low in my country for mullein to no avail 🙁 and those sold online have an insane shipping price due to my location. Is there an easy to find alternative? 🙂

  8. What do you recommend for wrapping herbal mixtures in? I live in Australia and it's hard for me to track down anything without tobacco or nicotine traces in the wrap.

  9. So..I don’t want to sound ignorant, but this is my first time looking into herbal smoking and I was wondering, without cannabis, do herbal cigarettes get you high like cannabis, or do they have different affects?

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