On Individuality & Reincarnation

If individuality is an illusion created by the mind, then who or what reincarnates? Eckhart suggests that the answer to reincarnation can be found through …


  1. He doesn't know this because he didn't get that far when he had his "experience". I had the same experience before I found out about Eckhart Tolle and got the sense we all share the same consciousness but I felt the issue of reincarnation wasn't taught to me yet because I wasn't "on the other side long enough".

  2. I envision his explanation as if the Universe has an unfathomable number of alternate personalities to its multiple personality disorder and is trying to integrate. Each personality wants to assert its own identity (ego), but in order to integrate, it must accept that the personality does not stand on its own.

  3. I was thinking today that we may get to a point after we die where we don't want to reincarnate. And so we reside as a spirit there until we get pulled out of "retirement" for some new mission which requires us to incarnate. That new mission seems exciting enough to us to leave our spirit realm and to reincarnate again. Maybe, it is in this way, that we initiate an incarnation.

  4. Eckhart sometimes makes assumptions like these about existence based on his personal interpretations. No one really knows if there’s a single universal consciousness or there are individual consciousnesses that are connected universally. He even quoted a zen master that simply said “I don’t know, I’m not dead”.

  5. This is my particular area of specialty. I think this is the kind of answer which proceeds from a philosophical study of ultimate truths understood intellectually and second-hand from those who have experienced them directly. But it skips over the realm between the physical and the ultimate, and in this way it doesn't answer the question. Sri Ramana Maharshi might answer this question from the higher perspective out of his own direct experience. But if I were asked this question, having studied reincarnation for over 45 years, I would say it is the energy body (variously called subtle or astral) which reincarnates, or associates itself with a new physical body. From the higher perspective, the physical body, the energy body, and the mind are all illustory–we know this because, and only because, those masters who have epxerienced it directly, tell us so. But the correct answer for a philosopher is not to go directly to the cosmic level, but to specifically and accurately answer the question.

  6. The cells in your body continually die & reincarnate throughout each day. The body that you're sitting in is totally different than last year's body. Why does it feel & appear the same ? Because the perception of the thinker of the thought "is" your body. Change the perception or the focus of the thinker & you can be anything. Infinite possibilities.

  7. The worst explanation ever. It's better to say 'I dont know'. Or say, I dont want to tell you that we are like leaves of a big tree that are born each spring and die each winter. Those leaves never reincarnate. They never return to life. Eckhart knows but he as many other people in power, wont say it. They are afraid people will get crazy if they find out there's nothing after death.

  8. In other wprds all what youve been doing your whole life is so un important that when you get old you resort back to the samething that was important as when you where a baby (and they call it senile)

  9. We are as individual as the stars….which one is yours…. for you too were here from the begining.

    I'll reincarnate when and how I chose. As often as I chose.
    The way i chose everytime…
    We are the master of our own life…
    I love and enjoy what I created…
    The more you Love the less you live in that lie that you might ever become more and more disinterested in living with andbthru your creation…

    You see I can always see beyond this great depression you emit…
    It's ok
    Cause when I show you , you 'll see and then you 'll show them AND they WILL SEE..

  10. hey……………. i HEARD something new about this REINCARNATION….
    WE, the EGO self , DO NOT RE-INCARNATE. we are disposables. . It is the SOUL THAT SENDS OUT PORTIONS OF ITSELF IN THE LOWER PLANES OF EXISTENCE, it sends out hundreds of incarnational selves at any given timeframe. (us) and we,ego-creations,.. being closed-off from knowing this,we think we are incarnating and re-incarnating. …THE THING IS….if you agreed , if you accept this as true, then ALL THE CRIMES COMMITTED by the other incarnates in your SOUL GROUP can be passed on to you for RETRIBUTION. …………
    …Sooo,….hmmmm….sucks, no matter how you look at it.
    KARMA……………….? oooooh….don't get me going.

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