1. Goodmorning Sir Sal. I'm a highschool student from the Philippines. I really really appreciate what you're doing for us learners. I don't think that I'll find my true potential just by sitting and listening to my teachers. Yes, I learn some things from them but it's nothing compare to what you teach us. Some of my teachers just sit there and read the book or the powerpoint they made. I'm so lucky that I found your youtube channel. It really helps me, I also downloaded your app. I'm still on the Highschool Biology course, I'm planning to study Chemistry next (I'm preparing for college admision tests next school year and I'm also advance studying for the course I'll get which is Chemical Engineering)

    Thank you very much Sal! You're a real-life hero!

  2. Sir My kids learn from you. People say we can't see Angels but that is so NOT true. We see you Sir and what you do. You are such beautiful Blessing for this Man made world. Keep us in light like you always do. Namaste Sir 🙏

  3. Aye, guys. Wrote this for COVID-19: Share if you care:
    We as a people should join forth in our union for and by the people in this trying time. Hence why I send this message, if you agree and care to share.

    Send to your house of representative in your state, senator, and elected officials:

    Hopefully I have the right district and county; if not, please forward to the right people.

    I am highly concerned about how our handling of this permanent virus will affect us and future generations. We should annihilate any potential of spread at all costs whilst following the science, and only the science of how this effects all people. If we do not, we will make a permanent change on human lives for the rest of humanity. Please implement the most humane way of handling this, and that is eliminated any contact from beyond our every neighbor. We may need to lock down our cities for months on end. This video gives fair warning, and fair action we must take to not change humanity into the furtherenth of suffering with a virus that will stay with us forever. Please do the right thing, and create a debt holiday for two months, so we may all stay home and quarantine this pandemic. Here is a reference for immediate use of the idea, and idea(s). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXOD1sCqsKg

    If we do not take immediate action, and do the right thing, I believe our plutocracy will, and has shown through when we do not follow the science. Many elderly will, and have already died, and permanent long damage is soon to come. Furthermore this is a virus that will never leave us, and perhaps, may become seasonal. Please do the right thing, and take care of our people, and we will do our best as citizens to take care of one-another. Please also advice citizens to take proper preparations into account; such as seeds, food, water, and heat, for this long drawn out pandemic. My family, my neighbors, thank your service to our country.

    Contact me, if we may contribute in anyway,


    P.S. We should create an economy and country pause-button in pandemics like these now, and in the future. Most likely a quick-fix is a UBI during the pandemic. Or will our tax dollars go to the recent two trillion-dollar stock injection that erupted in less than an hour and didn't go to UBI to stop this pandemic? Who's going to pay peoples rent on the 1st? The list goes on. Let me know what needs changing, and/or revisions. May our humanity save us, and not plutocracy.

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