1. Yes, fuck drugs. That stuff is garbage, in the same category as weed, alcohol, porn, even caffeine, all that shit…

    Thanks for this, I’ve been sober and clean since 2012.

    They: the powers that be are the ones behind the “war of terror“

  2. To me it sounds like all of your just using it the wrong way I've always use it as some kind of mental currency some use it to get comfortable with the idea of doing I use it to help escape consciousnessand realize problems and ideas that I might not even be seeing if I'm stuck in sober reality isn't nofap going on 400 weeds always been like my secretary telling me what I have to do shit how fast it should be done and other problems that I might not even be aware of

  3. You can't blame weed for poor life decisions, some use it on the weekends when they have time to chill. I've always been a motivated individual that still remains functional. Life is balance.

  4. i smoke and deadlift 140 kg. arnold also a smoker. all of the people who are musicians also smoke and then create. it gives you feelings and inspirations you can not get otherwise.

    yet like with everything else you have to use it with control.

    you lack control, dont blame the nature.

  5. I put down the bong today. I felt a calling somewhere so distant that its time, let go. Thank God im only 19 and realizing this stuff. Being introvert doesnt help much either. I found weed just made me feel just 'out of place'.

  6. 😂 I remember those days… God damn was I living a delusion. Time's sure have changed and I'm glad that I'm not the stupid pothead that I was 6 years ago. I've seen how it destroys peoples lives. Not even exaggerating.

  7. I agree 100% i used to be a smoker in my teen and early 20s , shit makes you beta and a weak loser who ends up in a tunnel of despair depression and a fake reality ,most marijuana addicts indeed end up going nowhere in life… makes your life chaos

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