1. Whoa ! Vice president mike pence still snob and rude and old lady asked sign on poster for Trump but he wrote not real like fake sign write like doctor's way Lol but he is Christian lol

  2. I hope you have seen how nationalist pets from other countries attribute the damage of the United States to the world from within the country, mex or dominica. Are not good to be inside USA, thaks of thems the blacks becomes stupic harfeeling to the whites and america unit

  3. The homeless mental illness problem in the United States is by far in my opinion the worst face of the USA pathetic we can't take care of our own but we can go fight Wars elsewhere

  4. If you want to destroy the city elect a Democrat. 289 Automotive Machinist Blue Collar Union. I wouldn't vote for a Democrat for any reason. My home in Seattle has deteriorated into piles of poop all over the place needles drugs tents and free handouts so head to Seattle if you want to live on welfare. Can't believe that anybody would vote for Democrat. You guys are communist Marxist. You've destroyed the school system.

  5. What is that a Blue Wave in a mud puddle. What are there seven of you.? How do you justify all the lying the Democrats are doing.? How do you justify murdering babies after they're born? How do you justify open borders so that I get to pay more taxes for illegal people from Honduras. I am a blue collar worker and I would never vote Democrat you guys are ruining the nation. Spent 30 years in the 289 Automotive machinist in Seattle. Seattle is turning into a Cesspool just like New York California Baltimore and all the other places the Democrats have run. You wanted to destroy a city elected Democrat.

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