1. Thanks for stopping by!! Anyone out there use Spring Energy or Muir? I've been liking both of them so far. And what about CBD Oil, anyone use CBD oil to promote recovery in running?

  2. Thank for the kinds words! So glad you are getting great results. Also, I have used Muir recently and loved it. Some flavors are a little odd, but overall, I really like the product and a great alternative to the super sweet shot block type foods. I still use mostly TailWind though, but always like a little bit of solid foods……but might have to experiment more with Muir and Spring, trying to learn to fuel more on fat…but also not go too crazy on my diet.

  3. Been deliberating on which company I should try for CBD so thanks for the honest review. I hope Spring works for you. They are my favorite gels, I’m about to stock up again this week. Can’t wait to hear your review!

  4. I also have the Coros Vertix. You seem disappointed with the HR reading. I’ve not had problems yet but maybe I’m not as aware of the details as you. How did you determine it wasn’t accurate? And what was the HR band you used to connect to the Vertix? Thanks again for sharing your info!

  5. Ryan, I’m interested in trying both Spring and Muir. I look forward to your review on them. So, did United just not work well for you? It seems that may be the case with several runners.

    Also anxious to see what you have to say about the Timp 2.0. I saw it is now available. Seems like they have made some great improvements so. I may make that move soon. And did I hear correctly that there will be a Torin update in May?

    Thanks Ryan!!

  6. Hey! Spring 😎 Be interested how you get on with it. Really hard to get hold of in UK but apart from Huma the only real food nutrition. Can’t believe you forgot RoadID😂 Thanks to you I’m never without mine. Have a great weekend Ryan

  7. I have followed you for quite some time and enjoy your videos for the simple fact that your straight to the point. I was looking to get into filming while I run to create videos. I am currently using a knock-off GroPro (SJ CAM), which has terrible image stabilization. To your knowledge, what are some of the best action cameras without breaking the bank? AND/OR, what are some 'add-ons' one can use to make the video quality more clear? Anything thing would help. Thanks for reading.


  8. Good video, thanks! Would like to try all the products I see recommended or promoted on my youtube channels; the costs are always beyond my budget. Still saving $$ for decent trails shoes. I really appreciate the knowledge though because it will help me make good choices when the time comes to make purchases – I can be more selective!

  9. I don’t switch my Road ID from one pair of shoes to another, so I always throw my drivers license in a pocket, especially when I’m on the trails. At least my remains can be readily identified if ambushed by a ravenous gang of squirrels.

  10. My go to for nutrition is Skratch Labs. I use it for hydration/food on the run and then their recovery mix for after long runs. Also their cookbook Feed Zone Portables has some awesome real food options that I’ve used on runs. I’ve used other companies products but have found that Skratch works the best for me. That and every once in a while they’ll have a really good sale where you can stock up on products. As for cbd I haven’t used it yet but have wanted to give it a try. I’ve always used arnica oil and it seems to work well. It might be time to give it a shot??

    How’s the mileage for Jan? 2k in 2020!

  11. that was funny………new real food option……..a bunch of plastic packs…..not close to a banana, an apple or some nuts…..there is something wrong, either i do not understand the term real food or plastic bags with gel grow on trees nowadays

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