My Thoughts On Nicotine! Tapering, Nic Salts, MG Levels

In this video I talk about nicotine and the ways to taper down to lower amounts. I also talk about nic salts and how they can be effective in quitting smoking.


  1. I have 9 bottles of 50 mg nicotine salts, 3 bottles of 48 mg nicotine salts, 1 bottle of 40 mg nicotine salts, 1 bottle of 36 mg nicotine salts, 1 bottle of 24 mg nicotine salts, 1 bottle of 18 mg nicotine salts( I use only mtl devices)

  2. I've just switched from a pack a day cigarette habit to vaping. I really don't know what amount of nicotine I need to get that would equal the same as a pack of cigs. Can you help me? All the nic salt e juices say 3 or 6 mg what does that mean? Help please!😬

  3. I was a 1/2 pack day smoker for almost 17 years .. I quit with salt nic but right now I’m vaping 3% juul pods and I want to tapper down but no other devices fit me, I like the mild flavor of the menthol pods and that’s all that I will smoke the puff bars are too much and I feel gross the next day my throat always feels very tight and nasty but the juul so far is less harsh. My questions would be where can I find 1.75% salt Nic ? I want to tapper down and eventually quit but I feel like no company wants to put out low dose salt nic disposable products because they want to keep everyone hooked.

  4. I tried to switch from smoking to vaping for a long time, in the end I would always got back to cigarettes. Then salt nic came out, I got a smok nord and started with 50 mg juice. Within a month I was cigarette free and only vaping. It's been a fun ride trying new devices, both MTL and DTL with salt and free base juices. I'm about a year or so without cigarettes, and a aegis boost with rba head and 35 mg juice is my daily. I can only imagine the money I've saved by using a $15 bottle ever 2 weeks vs $6+ a day on cigarettes. It tastes better, smells better and is cheaper. I'm never looking back.

  5. I totally agree with what you're saying. I vape on the smok novo, and I noticed whenever I get the 25mg saltnic bottle it runs out twice as fast as the 50mg bottle. Obviously cause I'd vape more often on the 25mg. However, I'm concerned about the increased heart rate, and the extreme rush I get with the 50mg!

  6. If you want to quit vaping you should stay clear away from salts – those hit you instantly and are dramatically increasing reward influence in your brain ! to quit, switch to freebase and steep it for a month in a open juice bottle – yes it will oxidise nicotine BUT also creates nicotyrine in juice. Nicotyrine slow down how your body rejects nicotine from your body making nicotine last A LOT longer. This in place makes you reach for vape less decreasing reinforcement loop in you brain that creates cravings !

  7. I switched to nic salt to vape LESS. I found myself reaching for my vape every damn 5 minutes switching to 3mg from 6mg… went back to 6 and it wasn’t much better. Every 10 mins or so I’m taking a puff. Now I’m at 35mg salt nic. I Take 4 puffs every few hours. My lungs thank me

  8. This is why im looking to transition to nic salts, I like vaping but man I am constantly holding onto my vape with 3 – 6 mg freebase. A 25mg nic salt should suffice right?

  9. This is for those who is trying to use vaping to quit , if your goal is to stop smoking ciggs and nicotine , please best way is to just STOP SMOKING . Simple as that! If your gonna keep track of your puffs lol dam just stop already …

  10. i get it matt,let's put it this way
    compare a smoker that smokes marlboro red that switch to a marlboro light for instance,he will smoke more light to compensate for one red,make sense?

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