1. I found out the hard way with a super strong gummy bear 😂 my dad forgot to say only eat half n I ate the whole thing. It didn't kick in for about an hour with watching tv 😂😂 in my brain everything made sense, like everythingggg, the universe, hidden jokes, hidden meanings, weird shapes, everything. The one set of catches was that I couldn't speak a full sentence, I couldn't barely walk and everything was shaking.

  2. all the disslikes are from big brothers XD exept one for sure. MINE! i am a big bro and i was a shit to my siblings, now i am nice bro but and have being forgiven by all exept my youngest brother.
    lucky me ower family is anti drugs soo i dont need to worry for being druged.
    But we do love swords…. :-/ noo worry i do lock my door every night and i have 2 dogs in my room to guard if some one try to get in soo he cant kill me.
    and he know his only chance to kill me is then i sleep thx to ower strength diffrence.

    But i do love a god comedy!

  3. As someone who has only done edibles because of my asthma, I remember the first time I took one. It was a brownie my siblings got me and I ate the entire thing in one go. After a couple hours or so I couldn't feel my body and passed out for 12 hours lmao

  4. I really gotta try your edibles then man, cuz I've eaten like 3 apparently "super strong" spacecakes and been fine.
    I've recorded some guitar music on said edibles.

  5. That second bite realization is the truest thing it should be a law of nature. I fail to remember it with nearly every edible I've had

  6. Im not a constant weed user but the few times i did smoke, took pills and thc oil, i wasnt fucked. So when my dad gives me a bag of 5-10mg bag of cookies or smthn, i decided to take TWO ENTIRE EDIBLES and it was 30 mins before my fam decided to go to the mall. So im fucked. I am dizzy, tired, thought i saw my friend, so walking around the mall was a mess. I was hugging the escalator. ordering food and walking to the table was a huge mess. I was hella sensitive. So i think my family knew i was high because they kept asking questions like if im okay and to eat more basically trying to keep me talking and awake.
    Yknow what horrified me from the experience? The cafeteria's speakers were messing up while we were eating and i had a freak out bc it was so loud that i thought it was a tornado and the sirens were going off, and saying "i regret this im sorry mom im sorry im never doing it again" many times (i just didnt want to get in trouble, never did, takin my dads thc drops in secret)

    Im never going back to that mall ever again and my mom took my edibles. When i got home it just kept going 📈📈📈📈📈 until i got to my bed and passed tf out.

    Btw, i did take 1 edible days before this happened and not much happened tbh just a lil tired and it was gone after a few hours. So taking two did fuck me up 😂

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