My Mom's Blue Dream'matic Autoflower After 8 Weeks

The TS-600 from Mars Hydro is only a 100w light, but it’s powerful enough to burn a plant that grows too close to it. We raise Mom’s light on day 52 and again on …


  1. What up Grammy!!, the blue dream looks great, I wouldn't worry too much about the light burn and bleaching it's just the leaves which are important I know but she resilient she'll grow new ones and bounce back, the buds look really nice bro, I'm really liking Autos Especially now that you told me how fast they can grow, And the ones you Grow look awesome, I got my new Auto beans and can't wait to pop them as soon as I'm done flowering this Granddaddy Purple I got in middle of 5th week of flower right now under the new HLG550V2rspec and holy shit are the buds getting so frosty, the Tricome production is off the charts, I think im getting better results with the HLG550v2rspec than I did under CMH and HPS HID's I used to use before switching to full LED, before switching I used to Veg under my RoiE680 and flower under CMH with HPS mixed in and got great results especially after I started mixing the CMH in with the HPS, but idk I think I might be getting better trichomb production flowering with full spec LED or maybe it's all in my head, anyway that's so cool your mom got a tent and is growing lettuce, Scotty Real knows what he's talking about for sure, I can tell she's one hip lady! Thanks for the update and I'll ttyl Grammy ✌

  2. hi grammy your moms blue dream is looking good yellow fan leaves this far along will not hurt the plant it will help with light n vent ,, and check out .. farmer tyler .. channel as he has good info on light an lettuce soft leaves or crispy leaves depend on colour of light ..

  3. Maybe u should snip it maybe it will put all that energy to the others and grow big …idk tho I'd ask a few people if u decide to do Soo other than that looks great that a big autoflower..can't wait for mine to come in .. live long grow strong 💪

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