1. I smoked daily for two years, in the end I realised I was using it as an escape. I was never “chemically addicted” I was emotionally dependent. Once I faced my emotions it was easy to stop smoking, or at least to stop being dependant. Now I smoke occasionally on weekends instead of drinking, but I don’t smoke every day I hope you find your own balance, Ben!

  2. Do you Ben! 😊❤❤❤ I have to be honest, I stopped watching you because I started to feel disconnected with you. But now, I feel like you are living your best life and following your path again. I feel connected to you again 🙂 it's nice to see you so truly positive and trying to live life to the fullest 🙂

  3. (9:30) NEVER thought you'd be this dude. I actually Stopped subbing you years ago and I stumbled upon this now and I am blown away with how similar we actually are. Pieces represent aye. Thanks for sharing this part of your life. Can relate so hard.

  4. your admition inspired me, i think that cannabis served me as well in a difficult time to escape how bad i was feeling and the challenge now is to deal with my emotions without always falling into that as an answer. Though i understand its benefits and its medicinal power a cut down serves me well too. Thanks!

  5. I can relate to alot of what you're describing and it feels go to see it put into words. I have been struggling and I feel like I need to make changes similar to these.

  6. Look, I don't mean to hate, it just seems to me that Ella Grace Denton is something like a witch.

    First she messed up Jack Harries' mental health and then Ben's. She taught them how to worship false gods and then kissed them goodbye. I sincerely wish you all the best, Ben. I hope you will find love and mercy in what is true someday.

  7. Hi Ben all the things we do are in a way walls rather keeping us in or other away stop trying to find ways to be happy. And just start doing what you want to everything you do changes who you are ? Who do you want to be happy ?

  8. Ben! Weed is my escape . I just moved home home from the netherlands . Tried to live there for a relationship . 2 years. Now I’m back and I feel like I rewound my life 2 years . How do you find the strength . How are you able to deal with everything ? Your vlogs help me feel better about myself . But I’m lost right now xx

  9. I never really watched Ben apart from some occasional vlogs here and there. Here I am stuck in my house due to the damn virus and I started checking how people I used to somewhat "follow" so many years ago are doing these days. In my memories you were pennyboarding with Louis & others and travelling the world, so I have to say I was surprised to come here and find you talking about astrology and marijuana addiction. 😀 But people change and life happens. Everyone should just strive to do what makes them happy as long as it doesn't hurt anyone (including themselves).

  10. got a positive comment for ya. like looking back this makes sense, but the fact that you’ve been smoking weed this whole changing time is surprising to me. but absolute respect that you never felt the need to tell all of us about it all the time. heavy weight stoner shit bro, love it. interesting language regarding it, but sorry about your grandma

  11. It is so incredible to hear that you are taking control of your addictions! I'm a bipolar drug addict with lots of anxiety and agree that I tried to self medicate with weed as well. I hope that you try to quit smoking cannabis altogether if you feel that you have a true addiction because otherwise, it will most likely turn into a cycle of negative effects occurring and then circle back to you wanting to quit again. Changing didn’t come easily, but it was a necessary step in my journey and it might be for you as well. This process has lead me to think about how my consequences impact others, especially in regards to my family. I hope that your friends and family are cheering you on and if not, I know that your community of subscribers will. Sending lots of love your way, Ben!

  12. I have been following your journey for quite some years now and it's crazy how I can relate even more with you in this new phase. Thank you for sharing with us this side of Ben that is evolving day by day. Cheers from Mexico!

  13. I related to what you said on many levels and greatly appreciated your openness, good on you for sharing. If you're ever in HK I'd love to show you some great hikes as it seems you're doing a few recently, all the best Ben

  14. I have a long time relationship with maria as well. Everytime I watched you i see me. This was deep especially your grandmother, and your addiction. It remind me some of my situation as well. I remember you lost you other relationship but somehow you manage to see the bigger picture or the next adventure. As for me not sure when i will quit on Mary maybe i see it as something else but there is a saying too much of everything is bad for you. My god Ben thank you. I see your more productive on your vlogs as you not like forcing it trying to prove something. You being you but I see a balanced you like how ride you surf board or ride the waves, calm and free.

  15. I love marijuana and psychedelics bro, they open your mind and let you see life exactly as it is. I'd reccomend anyone who is struggling within them selves to look into the benefits of psychedelics. 🤙🏼

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