1. Smoking since 2017 almost day by day.
    As teenage girl taking hormones I just can’t smoke anymore. The pills are like depression pills and bc of that weed is making me feel so depressed and so bad about myself, like I’m in a comstant brain fog and depersonalized.
    Today is day 3 of quitting and I’m smelling like weed as I showered 2 hours ago.
    It’s hard but feeling depressed is even harder. I don’t wanna start over. I wanna continue with my quittingstreak. I am not okay rn but I will be.. 🙂
    Hope some of you are going with me.

  2. I've been smoking for 29 years barely missed a day since I was 15 started when I was 12 I'm on day 5 that's the longest I have ever made it weed is super cheap in Victoria BC where I live and almost everybody I know smokes most of my friends are grower's so I would smoke a minimal of 2 grams a day and up 7 to myself
    Day 1 no sleep whatsoever
    Day 2- 3 hour's s sleep crazy dreams night sweats I woke up shivering and had to have a hot shower
    Day 3 I managed to get 6 hours sleep night sweats weren't quite as bad but still had to change my bedding half way through the night
    Day 4 I slept for 7 hours I barely sweated
    Day 5 I'm feeling okay but I need to find something's to fill my time 5 days may not sound like a long time but for me this is a major accomplishment and you're right about getting angry I've wasted half my life

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