1. WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK WENDY? U're saying the Lopez performance is why Bey/Jay-Z should be proud of America. But the performance is literally a representation of why they're sitting. I'm so confused.

  2. Wendy, I'm glad you stopped and didn't finish that sentence. I absolutely hate that "if you don't like America, leave" bullsh*t. Especially towards BLACK PEOPLE. 1) we're allowed to complain about the country. we don't have to blindly support it. 2) We won't leave the country WE BUILT.

    also… the fact that the first songs you learned as a child was about America. That's called PROPAGANDA. SIGH WENDY, DO BETTER

  3. I disagree with Wendy, Jlo's sets were prettier BUT Shakira's performance was better! She played guitar, the drums, she belly danced, jump kicked, crowd surfed!! She did the most!

  4. Wendy is having the time of her life. She's at the point now where she's like: :they still pay me to do this? Cause I'm out here having a good time." I will say, that brown juice did wonder, because she is bounding through that studio like a school girl. Whatever she's doing for therapy on those legs, keep it up!

  5. Wendy gotta c'mon with this being high sh!t on TV mannn… WENDY HOPE YOUR STAFF SEES THIS AND GETS THIS MESSAGE TO YOU 🙏… Take a look at all your watchers and their comments ☝ 👇. We're still watching you after your rehab fiasco and yet u appear to be back at it again.

    You're lookin like a damn nut these days. You're completely trippin out with rubbin down your DJ's tryna act like u got something going on with them! Esp DJ Boof Booph Booth watever🤦Ugh Wendy!! 🤦 And poor DJ Sussone came there again to be Me Tooed… That was awkward af to watch…

    You were rambling and couldn't stop talkn abt your pretend happy life with your cats who just like most cats prob dgaf abt you. You're CONSTANTLY talkn abt your "New Life Not My Fault" without your "Big Kev"… Wendy, Kevin is living his best life ur doin allv this for him and he's busy with his new life. Girl…. Stop. Ya look crazy.

    Then u talking slowwwly and swerving your glossy eyes all over the place, tryna show your crotch AGAIN as u pretend hail a cab 🤦…

    Throwing Suzanne, her poor husband Brendan and manager Bernie back under the bus again… Suzanne wasn't even there to defend herself 🤦.

    LISTEN WENDY u could rlly be using this platform for what u intended it to be for. Juicy gossip abt celebrities all the while being graceful, motivational and inspirational. C'mon girl. Do better.

    AND WENDY you better start appreciating your staff's privacy more, looks like they're the only ones who support you. You're abt to lose that show and ALL of yr friends if you don't get your ish together. You talked and talked abt nothing throughout the whole Hot Topics… More like Hot Mess. I catch u less and less these days… Not my fault.

  6. I for one, genuinely love when Wendy talks about her life. I think it’s funny. But TO-f*ing-DAY, I was here for the JLO Shakira tea! Come on Wendy, how you gonna glaze over the hottest topic of the month (the Super Bowl) and spend 10 mins talking about your personal life. We don’t care that much.

  7. Wendys dress…wowza!! She looks fantastic today!!! You just know she wore that teeny tiny dress for sussone(Or Boof/or both??🤣) 👌🏼😋

  8. I don't understand why Norman dying laughing and going along with all this and why Suzanne's husband humming along and making the drinking gesture to the camera about his own wife. Something is off. Used to tune due to the straight talk on Hot Topics Wendy would give. Was nice to hear some of her personal life. But now it's all about her personal life ..and the food..and who weirdly comes to watch her eat it and mixed in all the time the term "Not my Fault". The baby talk, the almost exposing herself, just not entertaining. Miss the old Hot Topics and if they really had a production meeting to keep show going then maybe should have checked "the Brown" at the door

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