1. Great video boss. I started around .3 and it was great. However I highly recommend trying an amount that will barely or not even register on a scale. Such a small amount you’d never believe it could affect you, but it will. When it’s in only subtlety you in the background, your almost unconscious of any changes, and you really flow for whatever reason. Cheers boss

    THERES ACACTUALLY A WOKE ASS YOUTUBE NIGGA WHO KNOWS ABOUT THE MAGIC OF PSYCHEDELIC DRUGS, other niggas on here like spiritual so and shit bring up good topics of discussion but they dont really really know what they're talking about because they simply cant completely understand these outerworld forces with the brain we have without being able to step out of it without things like shrooms, not saying you need ANY of those substances to have a firm grasp of these discussions but to really wrap your head around the way this world fucntions

  3. i want to macro-dose a batch of various outdoor grilled edible shrooms ive personally cultured in the confides of my mossy hill backyard all while singing freestyles so my environment know the fucking vibes yadigg , yeah thats my dream

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