Medical Marijuana | Michigan Application Forms

Dr. Bob discusses Medical Cannabis and the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program. In this episode we review the application forms. In future episodes we will …


  1. Preparing for my three week trip to Chicago (early tomorrow morning), else I must have a look at your series on marijuana/cannabis.
    There are a crowd over here in Sweden that wants to legalize cannabis, with rather lame arguments, like legalization would eliminate the drug dealers, would remove stigmatization of drug addicts and certainly, as cannabis is no more dangerous than alcohol it just ”have to be legalized”.
    Always interesting to learn more I will watch your videos when I’m installed in Old Town Chicago.

  2. Wow. Michigan is super strict. Im in CA and before it was legal here you had to be a medical patient to go to dispensaries. But you could walk into any Marijuana doctor with just a runny nose and get a medical card. It was pretty much 100% guaranteed. No application or anything. Granted it was abused a lot by recreational users but at least you didn't have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get decent meds. Now it's legal so that doesn't matter, but I'd be interested to hear your take on it since MI and CA have such different standards.

  3. 12 plants per individual :O That's A LOT of marijuana. I don't think the state realizes the potential yield from most modern marijuana plants. However, I am all for medical marijuana and think you are doing Gods work here. Thank you.

  4. Are patients prescribed dosages of cannabis, or is it taken as necessary? Here in Canada we have cannabis shops opening up everywhere. Anyone of legal age (19yrs in BC) can walk in and choose from all sorts of different varieties. We still have medicinal outlets too though. My job doesn't allow me to partake even if I wanted to, but I was just curious about that.

  5. Having chronic pain due to 3 slipped disks in my back, I was on oxycodone 40 mg / day and at that point it really stopped being effective. When I realized that this was not helping I decided to try using medical marijuana and I am finding that this is more effective and far less harmful.

  6. I never have anything negative to say about all of the subscribers I've joined so I'm going to be nitpicky on this video (no tards to laugh at). It's not a driver'S license, it's a driver license. Take a look for yourself. In CA it's on the top right. Again just being nitpicky, no insults intended. Love all the work you do.

  7. Hi Bob, this may sound strange but this topic is very interesting to say the least. In my country of Tasmania we have legislation of medical use Marijuana oil. The problem in my country is people in power look at marijuana as ( God forbid drug of the devil). So does oil from Mary j led to drug addiction, my thoughts are no. Does it allow the user a better drug, I think yes,I have met people from all walks of life whom care fore sick children to adults etc, the side affect are not so extreme, not so many pills. It is very interesting, Here in Tasmania it is very hard to get on the program, in some situations another 18 month of tablet and tests are required, to my knowledge 6 people have got to the stage of legal usage. From hundred of applications. Please note I am not able to give real number here I am basing my opinion on what I read in the paper. I look forward to more on this subject from you as it is some what a better subject than DC flat earthers. Keep up the good work.

  8. I'm Canadian so it is an easy thing to get THC or CBD products, I just go tho the local legal dispensary. However they are not legally allowed to talk to you about what it does, so I'll be looking forward to this series. I have occasional headache troubles so I wanted to try it for that.

  9. Bob the Science Guy…..absolutely well done. We (John Q. Public) who do not deal with these forms on a daily basis need explanations like this. Whether it is medical marijuana, conceal and carry, travel/residency visas, ect. there are very few resources that actually explain the process clearly like you have started to do. Kudos to you!………An off topic request, I would love to hear your thoughts about the vaping is killing people subject…..just a thought, keep up the great work. Greetings from Michiana 🙂

  10. Any lawyers/paralegals in WA state watching please do this exact same video for how to expunge decade old marijuana crimes from your record! The forms and process are very confusing to an outsider.

  11. I was on the Oregon Medical Marijuana program for 4 years until we finally got smart as a state and just legalized it…now I don't have to go through all of the hoops you're talking about..which included the $275 Doctor fee and then the $200 state fee…thanks for the good work Dr. Bob…now get pot legal in your state and avoid having the state in your medical practices…

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