Mavic helped Phil put on the second annual edition of Hillclimb World Championships, on the legendary Gibraltar Rd. in Santa Barbara, California, and they …


  1. Phil, thank you very much. Your philosophy about cycling and life totally resonates with my personal experience. I've been trying to fight with my depression and burnout. Wright now I just want to ride. Your work is pure inspiration and my personal blue print for cycling.

  2. Wow, my first bike looked just like Phil's! It was a red-and-black coaster-brake bmx with training wheels. Mine was a Huffy "Racin' 16". And that's pretty much where our cycling careers diverge.

  3. I loved riding the big ring ón Glendora Mtn Rd. Ca. And be sure to Check it out and every hill climb in Santa Cruz Ca too. That was my training ground in the late 1970's for 400 miles a week for years. I bet you will understand this: Other riders in SC called me "The Masochist" 🙂 Oh and btw, here is my boxing book, see the reviews:

  4. Nice one Phil. Your honesty is refreshing. I miss riding in SB. Got to live there for a year and used to have a sweet route I took thru Montecito and Summerland up into Romero Canyon……so sublime. It's on my bucket list to ride again before I die.

  5. I wish i started like you… Unlike me… I dont feel like i was born for anything… everyone criticize me everyone never listened to me even my parents i dont feel like a belong to something or someone even im a cyclist none suported me… Ur lucky u were born with a gift

  6. Phil, have to hand it to you, you have made suffering into an art form. Hill climbing is stupid, addictive, childish and inspirational in the same breathe. You make it bearable with your good humour, your self deprecating delivery and plain honesty. Keep staying gold and I’ll keep watchin x

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