1. what's a good setting for seedlings? I guess it would depend on the distance setting aswell. say on average I've got my light at 24 inches away. keep the light at 100%?

  2. I'm curious about your hanging distance during flower for the TSL 2000. I've heard not to put it closer than 18 inches. Most people say 20-24 inches. I'm limited on space in my closet so I can only put the light so far up in my closet. Do you think dimming the light to like 75% will help instead of raising the light further away? Wont that basically do the same thing as raising the light? Also….is the dimmer just 4 different settings or can you dim it to whatever % you want?

  3. Nice video. My light arrives tomorrow and I am psyched. Tired of the older LEDs and all that heat and fan noise. Question for you, of course I will know myself soon enough, but when you move the dimmer does it click from 25/50/75% or is it a smooth turn and you have to estimate where it's at. Just curious.

  4. That's what's up! Cool Tip! The Ladies are looking Wonderful! Burple lights work Great but look how Nice those Ladies look under those White lights! Super Sweet! Thanks for sharing that Handy and Helpful Hint!💯🌳🔥👍✌

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