Marijuana’s Effect On Your Dreams, According To A Pharmacologist

Dr. Samoon Ahmad is a practicing psychopharmacologist and psychiatrist. He explains how smoking marijuana can affect your dreams. Business Insider tells …


  1. This cant be completely true. Nobody stays high for a full 6 to 8 hours off weed. By the time the rem sleep comes around usually the "highness" effects from the weed are gone. Maybe im different but i only be high for about an hour sometimes not even that long lol

  2. Terrible video, go watch one on weed withdrawal. Or pot heads talking on how weed is honestly. Not some company fool speaking on a paper he read, like CG KId. Fool speaking on shit he doesn't know, besides a fellow user stopping it.

  3. Smoked like 3-5 times a week the past 8 months and I’ve stopped for 5 days and the past two nights I’ve had multiple extremely vivid nightmares. Sucks so bad how long is this shit gonna last until it goes back to normal?

  4. It's pretty amusing to see the progression of comments on here. When this video first came out a lot of comments were hating on this doctor's opinion. Here we are in 2021, and the comments over the last 12 months are all saying he is right. I assume those who disagree with this doctor don't have much first hand experience, or casually smoke or smoke 12~ hours before they sleep.

  5. With cannabis myself – I've noticed of having less overall nightmares while sleeping, sometimes none at all. And these dreams are much more tolerable, drastically reduced in stigma and vividness and it's more pleasurable to sleep. Cannabis saves the day again.✌️❤️🌟

  6. This it total facts, in my experience. I quit two weeks ago and I’ve had vivid dreams almost dreams every night since. Wasnt having any dreams before.

  7. Man Ive been smoking since i was 16 now currently 28 stopped smoking a month ago.. let me tell you google led me here i used to dream occasionally 1time a month, 1 week after stopping weed (12%thc and higher) my dreams are crazy I find my self dreaming consistantly and theyre super real if I'm crying in my sleep I wake up with tears and odd dreams as well so real i wake debating if it was a memory or a dream

  8. I smoked for 10 years, basically everyday, and now that I've stopped for almost 3 weeks, my dreams are VIVID AF. But I stay awake for 20-40 hours now, instead of the regular 16 hours…
    Everything has pros and cons. But I have to say, having no dreams is much better than a sober life.

  9. I just got off my T-break of 2 Months and damn, its crazy but he really is right. After smoking chronically you really forget what dreams are like until you sober up, smoking occasionally never affected my dreaming I think, but once I started smoking more often than daily, dreams in total slowly began to juss disappear from my sleep cycle.

  10. I Just Got The Answer ! It's Been a While That My Grandma Passed Away ! and From That Day I'm Hoping To Meet Her Again in My Dreams So Maybe I ll Get The Chance To Hug Her So Tight !
    Grandma Love You Alot, Miss You Alot and May You Rest in Peace ! We ll Meet Again InchaAllah

  11. Thats why weed is good for people who have trauma and for ppl who got fucked up shit in the past. They can sleep peacefully without having to face their nightmares.

  12. Smoked weed for 20 years. Everyday. Hardly ever remembered any dreams. I quit last year and boy have I been on some wild rides since I quit. From my dad raping me to being a charector in Gta. Pretty crazy.

  13. really? what have I been smokin then??

    I've started having dreams every night since I started smoking weed this month.

    I usually don't even dream.

  14. This has happened to me so many times , the dreams can sometimes be so intense I'm left thinking about my dreams I remember a lot of my dreams and wonder if it's me in just different worlds .as mine seem to be this Earth but a different one REM sleep Is beautiful I always travel

  15. I look forward to dreaming again I've smoked for so long and honestly can't remember the last dream I had , it's been that long…I didn't want to believe it was the weed but of course I knew it had to be…I'm trying to cut back I stopped smoking it in the day but end up smoking it at night…I thought bc I got off hard drugs that stopping weed would be easy..hmm not so ..I've been smoking steady since I was 13…..I did stop smoking cigarettes 9 months ago compared to weed it was easy…………

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