Marijuana Stocks (CGC ACB CRON APHA CURLF TCNNF) Cannabis MJ Chart Analysis for Today, Dec 17, 2019

Daily Review of Marijuana Stocks – with a focus on big Canadian LPs and American MSOs = 10-day Free Trial …


  1. between now, the holidays, and the january share unlock, it's a risky time to be buying into the trulieve dip. This short report was well timed.

    The next few months will be interesting for TRUL. I'm currently holding a small position but I'm looking to add after 1/26.

    Also, come join our weedstocks community on reddit. Post your videos, there's plenty of people in there willing to watch!

  2. hey justin, awesome vids…. been wondering about something i dont here much of lately, and thats LATAM/Mexico related plays like Khiron and PCLO , etc …. any insight ?? happy hooolidazee 🙂

  3. Justin, the strong majority of us really appreciate you, your insight and your time spent to release these videos. Please stop feeding the trolls that torment you. These people get off on you getting angry and emotional and will continue to do this if you give them attention. If you ignore them they’ll go away eventually .. you greatly take away from the quality of your content when you lose your cool and go off on these people. Please keep up the good work man, your content is quality and helpful for many of us that continue to watch your videos and support you. Cheers!

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