Making A Non-Alcholic Sublingual THC Spray Tincture For Anxiety/Stress/Relaxation/Microdosing

In this video I cover a little bit about MCT oil and how to use it to make a simple non-alcoholic spray tincture in a small pocket sized spray bottle. This can be …


  1. Can you spray these on candies? I was trynna get a oil like coconut or this one snd shatter or hash. But I wanna spray like skittles or sour patch kids. Looks yummy with the flavor too good does

  2. Hi can you help me do the math today will be doing this but I will be adding 3 grams of shatter decarbed to a 60ml bottle how much oil of mct should I add and how much mg will it be per dose on the dropper ? Also can I add any flavoring to it?

  3. I’m glad I found this because I have 1000 mg of concentrate syringe and had no idea how to consume it…now I ordered MCT coconut oil and can’t wait to make my own tinctures from it! 💖💖 I thought the alcohol was necessary but looks like it’s not. Yay!

  4. So 10 milligrams per millimeter is what? 10% concentration per 1 millimeter dose?
    And what do prodessional/medical results performed on mice, as an example, say for dosage? What percent of concentration for how many times a day? Etc

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