1. Can't believe some fucks asked her not to lose weight because it ''went with her character'', as in she wouldn't be funny anymore if she was ''attractive'' by being ''slimmer''; so in order to keep getting roles, she had to remain overweight and put her health at risk.

  2. I like how this movie was not cliche. It didn't have the cliche romantic ending or the hollywood perfect solution. It didn't rely on the conventional things that today's movies say is funny. It was clean, classy, and overall family friendly. Plus, anything with Melissa McCarthy is hilarious, in my opinion! Great movie.

  3. I'm with KC. I request a refund. You Tube please reply with a link to request and notify of glitches in your system. I can't watch this movie in full screen and glitched out a dozen times. Dead Pool 2 I paid 19.99 for and could not watch in full screen and due to glitches took me almost 3 hours to watch. I have purchased so many movies from you guys with nary an issue so obviously a supporter (other than your politics). If you don't have the integrity to have a simple link to give feed back for films (most have comments DISABLED – another Red Flag) that are difficult to watch, and an easy refund policy I will slam you hard and go to Red Box (same media) on demand. Do the right thing. No response = no integrity nor two thoughts about your consumers. Big fan for many years, don't disappoint me……D~

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