Instant Pot sealing ring replacement

Looking for Instant Pot sealing ring replacement instructions? You’ll need to remove the sealing ring to clean it, and it’s also a good idea to keep food flavors …


  1. My problem is when I pulled the old ring out I saw a tiny 1 legged leprechaun underneath it. but he didn’t have any gold so I punched him in the face repeatedly and the kitchen turned purple Has anyone else had this problem also I’d like to say the red ring looks cool and my right eye won’t stop twitching

  2. the manual was no real help. we was trying to figure out was the clear ring stay in or you replace it with the red one before using? I see you did this in the video . why not have the red one already in place if you have to use that one first ? thank you for this video great help

  3. Thank you for this video. I just bought the Viva Instant Pot and was confused where the red seal belonged because it already had a clear one. I'm glad I found your channel and I have Subscribed to it.

  4. Honestly I didn’t have trouble with the odor retaining on the ring seal when cooking sweet or spicy food. I’m still using the one ring seal on the lid. It’s really not necessary to replace it unless it’s broken. For instance, chicken curry is known to have strong taste and odor, but each time I’m done with curry, I will cook sweet red beans with using the same ring seal. No curry smell transfer onto the sweet red beans.

  5. I've tried four different official Instant Pot replacement rings in my Duo and no matter what 60% of the time it comes to pressure then steam bursts out and leaks from the sides. I'm pretty sure the rings are being placed correctly. Do I just have a defective Pot?

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