1. Beautiful. I love gardening. We plant many vegetables and flowers/trees every year. Right now working on hydrangeas. I would love to grow weed outdoors where it should be. But it’s illegal in my state. I’m not even a big smoker I just love the plant and the way it smells. I would give it to my friends and keep a ounce of it

  2. Hey man, great video and plants looks amazing , quick question, what’s the temperature where you live, so i can have an idea what to do with mine, dont tell me where you live, tho, just the temperature lol Thank you 🙏

  3. I have grown and cosumed Marijuana for 22 years back then I had better outdoor then most indoor grown the smell taste and euphoria was therapeutic and your senses would open up as you exhaled i love the sound of the birds the wind blowing through the trees even the noise my air conditioner put me in a calm state of mind My alternative solution 😌

  4. Im going for critical purple to but its my first plant. What type of soil you use ? the soil im thinking of using is ocean forest with coco perlite. Do you add any liquid nutrients?

  5. Oh. wow. I would love to have a garden like yours, I only have a little outdoor terrace, but I'm a bit bugged my clones are developing 3 and 1 fan leaves, I'm in Mexico my plant hardiness zone is like 10, temperate climate with dry winters.

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