If They Stop Messaging – WATCH THIS | by Jay Shetty

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  1. When you are ghosted! What you have done is miscalculated your value to this person! And that's ok! We are emotional beings which is a beautiful thing! And know this time heals all wounds! 143 xoxoxo

  2. I'm experiencing this right now. Me a middle aged woman.
    He decided to give our relationship some thought. But instead of I'm making me wait on video chat while he say in silence . And I waited for his answer. I didnt think I'd be waiting 5 days. Too long I know but I thought I'd give him benefit of the doubt since he started back at office Monday.
    But not one call or text.
    But I'm gonna text him my last text tomorrow
    Never thought after 2 years of my life it would end life this. Not after he was the one who helped me through a bad relationship. Sometimes I'm good at reading signs but even better ignoring them 🙁
    The worst thing was I was willing to give up my life to move to india. I feel sorry for his mum because she was very accepting and a lovely woman

  3. So called friends are good at ghosting when you no there phone is glued to there hands but when you call. Text they read and ignore this is a game I'm not playing one sided friendships arnt for me… blocked them all best thing I ever did

  4. Lets all be honest. Its mainly women who ghost people. 95% of men just want a somewhat pretty woman who genuinely cares about you. Not just a one way relationship. The whole relationship is about the woman anymore.

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