1. Bad habits our ones you consider within yourself if you can't progress snoking weed then its obviously not for you anymore this shit don't apply for every person tho cause I know plenty smart stoners who have amazing careers just get your shit together then smoke once your done and payed off

  2. One thing you can already realize bro is a bunch of fake ass people that “supported” you. Talking about “I’m unsubscribing cuz you don’t smoke no more” lmao fuck then people straight up 💯 do you g

  3. Bro that’s good you did and you decided to take a different approach in life, for me smoking was a little phase as well, I always knew I was going to stop one day. It’s all fun and games until it becomes a habit and you put it before a lot of things. I’ve stopped for 9 months and it’s stupid tough like you said change is uncomfortable but you’ll see the difference and realize a lot of shit. Stay strong and don’t give up. FOCUS ON YOUR GOALS AND TRUST THE PROCESS. Weed ain’t going no where 😂. And know I’m here to stay! You got this g. I watched you when you smoked and I did so I’ll watch you when you don’t and I don’t 💯 keep it playa

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