1. I kid you not, I think the Gregory Brothers (plus Sarah, the No-Testicles Brother, of course) have an ear so much in tune with my own that I may someday find out through Ancestry, et al, that I'm a Gregory Cousin or something, and this is no stray from that theory. The Norah O'Donnell bit after the build-up with Pai (and I couldn't agree more with @cwbh10 in the comments here, because it's obvious this dude knew his rank and role are far above his capabilities, but he rolled with it anyway) is one of those perfect, every-note-in-its-place things that makes you wish those few seconds of a song lasted a bit longer, but you appreciate them more because they don't.

  2. totally unoriginal and easily predictable. I would like to see something that pro-republican that doesn't go along with the trendiness and that we see so commonly from the late night comedy routines and echoing out of Hollywood. I want something to be original and that's not predictable. because anytime someone that's mildly pro-trump or even Echoes these tune gets demonetized and electronic ghetto/ like shadowbanning are all the things that require you to be tolerated and not liked

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