1. Certi is where they keep the Mason jars for canning over where like the coffee makers and cooking appliances are at. It's NOT in any food section of Walmart, thats kinda important to note because I almost gave up looking for it and left until a manager showed me where it was.

  2. Listen these niggas don’t know what they talking about 🤦🏽‍♂️ YES certo DOES WORK. See Certo is a Fruit Pectin, once you drink it, it coats your stomach with fruit pectin and holds back the THC from your pee for a couple of hours maybe 2-3. But one you drink it you NEED to pee atleast 2-3 times before you test, because now that you drank the certo, you will be peeing out all the residue and some thc.

  3. I took one hit off a wax pen 6 days prior to taking the preemployment drug screening and passed. I don't smoke regularly but I do maybe once or twice a month. Thanks to this guy I passed. I am willing to answer any questions if this guy hasn't answered already. I will respond so don't be afraid to ask!

  4. I just tried this and got pissed test on federal probation…like 5 mins ago my pee was super golden and I pissed dirty on a home test yesterday like at 8pm I did this around 1:16-1:25pm I got tested at like 4:20pm I peed like 4-6 times in between and the pee was watered I took like 4 b-12s like around 2 and the shit still was water so pressed for time I went to the vitamin store and took a b complex …peed one more time around the corner from the probation office and walked in…so let’s see if this worked

  5. Can I use the lower sugar dark blue Gatorade? I'm diabetic and regular Gatorade got hella sugar in it. Passing my piss test don't mean shit if I die afterwards lol

  6. I used this for my government job last summer and it worked.. I smoked the night before the test. I had two bottles of 32oz yellow Gatorade with certo. I drank two bottles of water before bed and drank on my certo through out the night after the two bottles of water. When I woke up I drink another bottle of water, and finished my 2nd thing of Gatorade. I had drinker another bottle of water and I sipped on that water until I pee’d like 4-6 times (not by choice I couldn’t hold it LOL) just follow the steps. I took everything about 2 hours before my test and Pee’d like crazy before walking into the drug testing building. For any questions my Instagram is @iamkadejah_ also follow my cannabis page @cannabis_ect

    Stay positive! GOODLUCK

  7. I just bought this test today bro and I been clean from wee for 15 days and I passed !! Just a week from today I bought 3 dollar store ones a dollar each and failed those I got 9 days for my big test so I’m hype rn lol

  8. I bet you with in the next ten years there gonna take thc off drug tests unless it's a driving job but for everything else why if I had my own business I would say if you smoke weed don't worry about the drug test and do it there anything else get out

  9. The only way you can pass a test is if you dilute your urine enough to were the levels are lower the what they test for. Water dilution is the common factor in all these myths. I have done it for 2 years on probation.

  10. I've been practicing warming my pee and keeping it at a good temperature but I've been using water to practice with, is there something wrong with using water to practice with

  11. For those reading this, your best bet is to use a clean friend’s pee. Certo and water will dilute your test leading to a Negative dilute result. Some jobs will take that, but others will request a re-test! Do all at your own risk. Make sure you’re testing yourself and checking temperatures of sub pee. Also, do not microwave your pee for more than 30 seconds. It could explode. Have a back-up of your sub as well. At least one other.

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