How To Make THC Vape Carts from WAX or SHATTER!!!

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  1. This company doesn’t use pure terpenes ! They have peg200 and peg 400! You can use pure terps instead of wax liquidizers like these but they cost more 35-40 bucks for pure terps I just looked up the ingredients in this company nothing in it said terps

  2. One other thing. You don't need to thin Distillates to make them flow in a vape cart. It's ready to roll as it is. You would want to add terps to return the terps lost in the distillation process. If you like flavorless, odorless vape, just use distillate as it is. It's already activated. You can use distillate to thin your shatter though. It wont add flavor but will thin it for you. Use a vape cart with at least 4, 2mm. Holes as well.

  3. I also see you dont decarb your thca. Do you not get the cloudy, dirty look inside your carts? I don't believe vape pens low temps convert 100 percent of your thca into thc. You would get a better product if it was decarbed. A syringe filter works well but won't activate the thca you are working with. If you use true terps, you don't need to dilute it at such a high rate. A couple drops easily covers 1gm of extract and will have the taste you say your lacking. Good luck. Nice vid.

  4. Best method by far is using 100% cannabis derived terpenes! Don't need anything except terps. From cannabis ofcourse. I've used real canna terps to break down the most stable shatter..some need more terps. Also..TERPENES are actually a "solvent" as the cc champ says.."alcohol based" frikin love ur channel

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