How To Hide The Smell

These tips have saved me soo many times….share the knowledge guys , tell a friend. (intended for the 18 & over) This is How To Hide The Smell…. So as many …


  1. You need to stuff as many dryer sheets as you can into a paper towel roll , then spray febreeze inside it till its leaking from the bottom and let dry. CHEERS.

  2. My family has caught me just to many times it’s pointless💀 I love weed but my family looks at it the wrong way but I can’t blame they don’t know much about it plus illegal state.

  3. Get ya a old thick ass rag, put your weed in a ziploc (if it isn’t already) and wrap the weed up with said rag. Then drip a generous amount of essential oils on the rag. Put that shit in a ziploc. Then hide it

  4. Just btw ozium is great for getting rid of smells but it is also VERY TOXIC. It can cause irreversible eye, skin, brain and lung damage. Trying to spread the word🙏

  5. One time my homie was smoking a joint and driving, and as he was getting pulled over he put out the joint and sprayed ozium and the cop didn’t say a thing🙏🏼💯

  6. Adding coffee grounds into a little pouch made of dryer sheets and stuffing it into the toilet roll will completely remove smell and make it smell like just coffee, completely gets rid of smell if you’re taking bong tokes in your room and trying not to stink up the place

  7. I am underage I'm not saying how old but I'm under 17 and I'm shit at rolling so what I do is I wait until my dad goes to walmart or something because that means he will be gone for a couple hours so I take some weed from my stash i take one of my dad's pipes he has several so I take it I pack a few times and smoke that shit up then I febreeze the shit out of me and the room I'm in and he never notices 💨💨💨😉👑

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