1. Does the guy on the left realize he's ruining this video by opening his mouth? LET YOUR SMARTER GUEST TALK MORE WITHOUT INTERRUPTING HIM WITH YOUR SOCAL BS TALK.

  2. Who's running their ac all year, all of us in the NE need the heat our hod put off 9 months a year . It's not even the end of august and my room is on the low end of optimal heat with my DE HID.

  3. Did I hear that right? Using LED lighting, its ok that my room is hotter than what growers with HPS and AC are running?

    If I understood that right, ive been worrying everyday that my Temps are 85°+ for my first grow. I've been planning on getting a portable AC the next grow. Do I actually need one now?

  4. Holy shit guys, fantastic piece there, I've said it before and I'll say it again Guru Rocks, clear and accurate info always 👍👍👍 you don't know how many people you just brought up to speed on the LED game, that's a perfect example of you guys upping the community's game for sure, more GURU!!!

  5. Photosystem 2 is NOT the plant using the nutrients it built up over the day with Photosystem 1!

    Photosystem 2 breaks apart water so electrons can move through the electron transport chain to Photosystem 1 where that electron is excited with 700 nm light, then passed to ferredoxin to reduce NADP+ to NADPH.

    Photosystem 1 cannot operate without Photosystem 2 operating first.


  6. My wacky EcoSpeed Chinese fixture has 650 & 730 together to be on all time. Idk how this will effect the 2 photo-systems. Suppose ill find out.

    Impressed with it this far though. £700 for 660w to door in UK.

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