Hemp UP Lows Down Episode 67: Cherry Cobbler by Arete Hemp cbd hemp flower review

Today we revisited a controversial figure in the hemp flower community. Joey and I vape and smoke this flower and share thoughts on the issues surrounding …


  1. Wow I was not aware of the U.S.D.A. new regulations but I guess this should not come to a surprise to anyone because you can never have anything good with our Government and its Officials!! I guess the U.S.D.A.

    Seen to many Americans switching from dangerous Pharmaceuticals and actually being healed from their ailments
    so the U.S.D.A. had to put a stop to this because they cant have you actually healed they want you Sick and Dependent

    On their Expensive & Toxic Drugs with Side-Effects alone can kill you and usually are more toxic then the disease are sickness you are trying to cure!!

    So the evil U.S.D.A. just decided too hey let's just pass draconian regulations that will make it virtually impossible for Farmers to grow any Hemp Flower whatsoever

    With the Un-Scientific .3 THC levels and prevent thousdands of Americans like myself which I am a Disabled Veteran from a Life-Saving Drug!!!

  2. Another cool video. But fck Todd and that company for the lies. I just can’t fck with them no more because of it. I understand it’s normal in the med / rec community but still not cool with me

  3. Another great video. I ordered this flower out of curiosity cause of the terp percentage and it is flavorful. And vaporizers are good for that full on flavor. Love using my dynavap for when I just want pure flavor.

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