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  3. Why does no one talk about the disparity in life expectancy between men and women? We like to look at racial differences, but not gender.

  4. I'd like to offer my opinion on the format. 1st of all, it's viable.. I wouldn't found my home on it but you can pitch A-tent. But what as I consider the time frame your show runs on average I think trying to cover 2 or more subjects with equal focus does both a disservice. I think better to serve one up as a vignette if you will, so you have enough time to make a meal out of the other.

    Perhaps if the smaller segment garners interests or adequate whatever people do interaction in involve immersion er that thing that the metrics love so well, anyway then you can follow up on it with a main piece in the following weeks. For example, you kind of just already did that though in reverse order. It wasn't long ago that you did a report on maternal mortality in much more depth.The way the 2 articles dovetail in my head creates a more permanent knowledge I think.

  5. Honestly with your fast delivery I found this a bit hard to follow in a couple of spots but I still liked the format. Definitely do this again next time there are bunch of smaller yet interesting things to talk about.

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