1. Quick question.

    What are the legitament reasons to need a suppressor?

    I am very pro 2A. If the government owns it we should too. I am in no way saying someone doesn't need one. Im just interested in why its needed.

  2. Any police officer/militant who is willing to go around and confiscate peoples property because they are "just following orders" deserves whatever they have coming.

  3. FOUR moderate DEMS joined Republicans today to reject this bill. So, it failed for now. However, it was only to "shelve the bill until next year". It isn't over yet!

  4. No reasonable accommodation for your rights or property. If it has a price for your safety you dont deserve either. Benjamin Franklin. And the other hand to the left. You dont want imagrants to give up their rights ? Just abolish all the laws. And just follow our basic ones.

  5. I also think major gun owners need to denounce the NRA publicly to everyone, reason being is nra reps talk to politicians and essentially go “on behalf of gun owners, the nra is willing to compromise” and compromise ends up something gets banned and gun owners get nothing

  6. How tyrannical is the DNC in Virginia (being funded almost entirely by Bloomberg) well 90% of sheriff's said they won't enforce any laws they pass violating the second amendment from this house of representatives.

    I would argue that the state law enforcement needs to perform a coup and get those fascists out of office.

  7. Death to Tyrants. That is the Virginia state motto. Amazing to watch the DNC going whole hog to basically shred the state to pieces. Not just violating the states constitution and federal constitution of the USA! I mean there is no way that Democrats get elected ever again. The fact they gave up their electoral votes… might as well dissolve the state government and become federal property like DC.

    I say it again, death to tyrants.

  8. From our COLD DEAD HANDS!!!! Never surrender! When they come for them, it's time to use them! Otherwise why fight to have them in the first place?

    One idea is to for many of us to ban together with our guns in a single residence. Then take the first stand against the government gestapo when they come to visit!

  9. We will never win our rights by acting like barbarians. Talking about hanging law makers. Calling them tyrants and acting like this is only done as a means of 'control'.

    A lot of people are anti assault weapon. Real people with real reasons. (Even if they are bad). A lot of people are just scared of them. They view them as murder machines with no other conceivable purpose. No different from a missile or something.

    We as owners of these guns know it's not true. But when we act like idiots talking about hanging tyrannical lawmakers and inacting violence we feed right into their idea of us.

    Peaceful. Non violent protest is the only way to win victories. They are temporary until we can change a lot of people's minds about these firearms.

  10. 4:19 he's absolutely right I lean moderately left on certain things, but I'm pro gun. I always listen to both sides and eventually I had to come around and realize the right was right on this one.

  11. This same nonsense is moving through Washington State's legislature right now as well courtesy of "Stop and Frisk" Bloomberg. Getting sick of feeling like a second class citizen by simply exercising my right to defend my family. Washington is voting on an "AWB" and a magazine restriction to 10 rounds.

  12. Just don't comply.
    Keep your trigger finger Miculeked.
    Are you guys gonna do a full auto g44 meltdown? Surely the quiet riot guys can put something together….the leo sweetheart letter can read "testing low recoil full auto back up pistol"
    I wanna see one melt!

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