GT Dave Founder of GTs Kombucha on Life, Kombucha and Medicinal Mushrooms

A breathtaking conversation with GT Dave, entrepreneur and founder of GT’s Kombucha creator of the Global Bottled Kombucha category on living a vibrant life, …


  1. What an amazing interview with an extraordinary man🙌💓

    All of his products have so much heart, time, dedication, and thought put into every small part of it. I so deeply appreciate his cause and consistent tremendous efforts to bring high quality living foods to all.

    I am so grateful for him and all of his products. They've taught me so much that I may have never known and I know that I am healthier physically and mentally as a result.

    I also try to encourage those around me and teach them what he has taught me. It's a bit harder in Oklahoma😄 but I will keep talking about it because I understand how important it is.

    Thank you so much GT Dave for blessing me with all of your offerings, they mean the world to me!💓💓💓

    I also loved and connected so much with the part where he said, "Kombucha chose me. It's weird and different and I felt weird and different." It sounds like my life story😄

    I hope you both have an amazing day and a peaceful evening!🙌 Thank you so very much for this rare insight, I enjoyed every minute of it and loved learning more about GT's daily rituals💓

  2. Loved the whole conversation about healing foods. I am a home kambuchea brewer and also i ferment my own kefir, I also have delved into fermenting my own veggies. I would like GT to know that I grew my first scoby from a bottle of his Kampuchea. I now have 3 scoby hotels plus 3 1/2 gallons always going. I saw that he has mushroom teas which I have never heard of. Is there some way I can access them on line? I have to say that I never heard of any of this until last year. After I had surgery and could not seem to recover and Drs said there was nothing they could do. My cousin introduced me to Kampuchea and a friend then told me about kefir. That’s how I got started I began by searching the internet and learned how to make all these wonderful foods. And am regaining my health and strength. One of your YouTube videos was one of the first I watched to learn how to do kefir. Thank you for bringing these wonderful magic foods to me. And my family. ( though they think I’m slightly nutty in the subject) 😆

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