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  1. Put salt to chock your plant then spray leaf with hot/warm water flush soil of salt an your product will yield again no fall in thc or yield do not give molasses after this process an till plant health is up again no hot water to soil you get what I mean
    1tbs of salt to soil mixed an water in
    Hot/warm water to leaf
    Flush soil of salt 🤩💯🌲

  2. Hey how’s it going man I’m a subscriber and I like every video I watch your insanely good at this so I’m pretty much trying to imitate your growing style now I know a website that if you pay or whatever you make exclusive grow videos I was wondering if I paid you could you help me and walk me through the whole process like you do for growing regular feminized seeds to harvoof course I want a big yield so I’m going to start with about 5 plants if you can direct me where I need to go to pay you so I can get your help that’s be awesome I’ve already subscribed and I like all your videos I just need the link to your site so I can pay you and get my grow up and running like yours thanks for your time I hope to hear back from you thanks again for all the awesome videos and the amazing knowledge you have I’m glad you share this with beginners like myself my names Erick by the way your awesome dude that is for being a mad scientist in growing plants!!!!! Lol

  3. Have these exact symptoms on my Gorilla Glue #4 (60+days into veg). They have been present since the seedling stage. After the research I conducted (which was short) it seems like there has been no proven cases of TMV in cannabis. Perhaps, this is a genetic disorder that has very similar symptoms to TMV. I had no spreading of symptoms to any other plants so I am not sure how it can be a virus.

  4. Wassup bro, I started using fox farm ocean forest mixed with happy frog.. I’m about 5 days in & im not sure what nutrients or feeding schedule to use. I want to use organic products. Any help?

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  6. Dudes got thousands & thousands of dollars of lights, soil, nutes, etc.. either he's rich as hell or they sponsor him. All that said, I appreciate the videos. Dude grows insane bud!!

  7. Mr Canucks when does Flowering actually start when you start 12/12 or 2weeks later when they start Flowering. Please let me know …thanks man

  8. Just a heads up to everyone, I like this guy's videos so I tried buying seeds off of him, long story short he had me send him $250 USD and never got me the seeds. When I tried to reach out to him he would completely ignore me. Watch his videos, don't do any business with him, his customer service is the definition of appauling.

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