1. Here’s the number one problem that EVERYONE HAS WITH COCO – you just don’t fucking know what’s in it… it’s a very diverse media and often times much less inert than most ppl care to talk about… it is INERT in terms of N,P and Most Micros… but there’s many varying levels of K in it… and depending on time of year and maturity of the coconuts harvested, it can have a bunch or very little K… Now imagine if every-time it appeared to have to deficiencies, it was actually just K toxicity causing lockout because you thought it was inert… and that’s not even the worst part because sometimes it really is deficiency but the only way to find out is to feed it and burn your plants… Or you could try a product like recharge – but recharge has K in it too so it’s about the worst problem to accurately identify without actually going to far or not far enough to know for sure!

  2. they hitthe nail on the head, coco in dry ammendmants without enough experience is a pain in the ass to do, definetly not a exact science, ide argue bottled is much easier to deal with

  3. Coco is inert. Don't try to have your cake and eat it too. The advantage of inert mediums (mine is 50%vermiculite x 50% perlite). Is CONTROL! JEEESUSSSSS. It's really not that hard to get.

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  5. The real question is:

    Do you want the inconvenience of watering and feeding nutrients daily?
    Use coco

    Do you want slower growth and smaller more flavorful plants and water 2-3 times a week?
    Use organic soil

  6. How about just use Mantis Buffered Nutrients, no flushing finishes 2 weeks faster and you don’t feed the last week because it’s wasteful from seed to harvest, no PH worries, no Calmag.

  7. Everyone’s trying to dry amend coco and idk why. I use coco and perilite 40% coco and 60% perilite so I can feed daily drain to waste. If you want organic go soil. Everyone references mr canucks but you can see he has issues as well. And make no mistake these grow Chanel’s don’t show the shity plants and failed grows. And giagreen pays him for using it. I’ve tried the dry amendments and had lackluster results. Soil works better and I’m a all coco guy that loves coco. But the dry amendments in coco don’t work for shit

  8. Everyone thinks the car they have is the best same goes here. You grow in whatever you want to and learn how to grow in it. You can grow in used tampons and still get a yield of some healthy flower 🌸.

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