1. Probably need to thin out the canopy a little because that creates a high humidity situation under that canopy causing the plant to drink less and thus you look like you have a over watering problem when you really got a canopy problem that causes a humidity problem which in turn translates into the plant not being able to evaporate the water from the pot

  2. Love the music intro guns 💪 great video just subscribed for you ,please feel free to check out my UK CBD channel,One love my fellow YouTube creator,Keep up the good work these lady’s look awesome,One love brother ☮️🙏💚

  3. you should try going in soil bro. much less garbage with ph and the plants are much happier. Also. I have run into the issue of the Sk600 being insanely powerful as well. It's fantastic. Grow some better genetics. i.e. Nirvana, GHS, Rare Dankness.

  4. I mentioned to you on insta couple weeks ago I been using autopots for 2 years now and what I do is shut off the valves for a couple hours a week let them dry up and it will help the over watering cheers hope this helps

  5. This grow is the ideal situation to teach pyschology students the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. You need to go out on the town and get some strange pussy to clear your muddled brain. Dont wear open toed shoes though because those feet look swollen like my grandmas.

  6. I have done 3 runs with the autopots now and the system works amazing! Use the containers it comes with and 2in" of hydroton in the bottom of the pots and you can't go wrong.

  7. What if you spray some Fix-a-Flat into the Flexi-tank-pro? Will that seal up your leaks? lol jk Just busting ur balls. How you haven't scrapped the whole auto-pot thing is beyond my patience levels. lol (Edit: sweet baby jesus that second tent. lol It needs an exorcism.)

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